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IRCTC Spot My Train on Mobile | National Train Enquiry System (NTES)

You don’t need to open IRCTC every time when you need PNR status checking portal or anything other information regarding the trains. There’s an app called Spot your train where you can check your PNR status and online live train running status as well. Every other information regarding the trains will be available in this app. While the IRCTC is not mobile friendly, this app is very easy to use and has a great mobile user interface. All you need to do is just to download the app on your smartphone and you are free to use it. You can even browse the website incase if you don’t want to download the app.

Train Time Table

This app also provides the information of the arrival and departure of the trains, so that one can easily catch the train by the time avoiding missing the train. Every train schedule is available in this app so that you can book tickets in advance.

PNR Status

The PNR full form is Passenger Name Record. When one user books a ticket, PNR number is created which will have the information about the user. This PNR number is 10 digits number which can be found on the generated ticket. You can check the ticket details like reservation confirmation using this PNR number. Everytime you don’t have available tickets in advance, so when you book tickets it will be considered as the waiting list. That’s where the PNR status comes to resue. You can check the reservation status before your journey. If your reservation is not confirmed, you can decide wether to travel in that same train or consider any other medium to travel. Other general details like date of journey, passenger name can be displayed using the PNR number.

Trains B/W Stations

There will be a number of trains running between two stations. In order to know the list of running trains between two stations, you just need to enter the station code of two stations and the list of trains traveling between those two stations will be displayed. You can book tickets in one train after checking the availability of tickets.

Seat Availability

There’s no guarantee of seat availability in the train you want to travel by. The seat availability depends on various factors like the season and the cities to which the trains travel. In that case, if you want to advance book your ticket, you can check the seat availability of any particular train before 3 months. You can book your tickets if the seats are available and can opt for another train if there are no seats available for advance booking.

For any people who will be traveling very often by the medium of trains, usage of this app or website comes very handy. If possible install the app for the smooth user interface. There’s no other information left out about the trains in this website. So I would strongly recommend you to install the app or use this website. I’m using this app for a long time and thanks to it, it saved enough time for me.